10 August 2023

Knock Off Luxury Euro Biscuits - Tesco [@NLi10]

 I had to buy some nice biscuits - big meeting - but instead of going for the known brands I decided to trust Tesco and see what they were like.

At the top we have Dark Choco Leibniz - the classic Euro butter biscuit with the chocolate overhang

And below we have the best biscuit in the tin, the Viennese Finger (dipped in milk chocolate)

The butter biscuits look suspiciously familiar…

Well protected in the package, and a lovely dark colour.

Even the bottoms are familiar!

The chocolate is lovely and dark, and the biscuit is decent - but not all that buttery.  These aren’t quite as good as the real thing, but for the purposes of a meeting these are serviceable and good.

The Viennese Fingers are a slightly different proposition.  The biscuits again are not quite as buttery or as vanilla as I’d like, but the chocolate is sublimely smooth and really brings it together.

They melted a little too quickly, but otherwise these are spot on, pop them on a plate and no one would suspect these aren’t the expensive ones.

Considering neither of these are in the ‘Tesco Finest’ range these are both a strong win.  Happy to buy and eat these by the box load - I’ve hidden them in the fridge so they are snappier and easier to resist.

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