5 August 2023

Bohemian British Lager (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Bohemian British Lager

I don't mind the odd lager now and then. 'Odd' being the main focus here, as Utopian Brewing's offering of Bohemian British Lager has notes of classic traditional Pilsner, but they have also put some new ideas into the mix.

This 4.2% in volume lager was produced with a traditional decoction mash method, and with traditional British grown lager and Munich malts for a fuller body, with some traditional hopping to boot, but with a twist of a few of the most recent British flavour hops for a finishing crisp, fruitiness.

On opening the can there was an explosion of beer so fierce that even an old ex-barman like me couldn't save it from soaking the carpet, which smells of Bohemian British Lager now. This deep golden lager had quite a fizz to it to say the least. I usually keep away from this type of lager, as it blows me up something rotten. Although my big belly burps can be amusing, I do get some disapproving looks from Cinabar.

On smell, the carpet had a predominantly Pilsner aroma to it. Once poured gingerly into my beer glass, Bohemian British Lager still had a Pilsner smell to it, with a touch of crisp herbal and fruity hops. On taste this Pilsner lager had an initial sharp bite of mildly fruity hops followed closely by sweet malted barley, which I found smoothed out this beer into the aftertaste. This was a very flavoursome overexcited lager indeed. And now it's drunk, let the belly burping commence.

Bohemian British Lager

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