4 August 2023

Seabrook Loaded Puffs Nacho Cheese Flavour (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Seabrook Loaded Puffs Nacho Cheese Flavour

Following on from the Seabrook Loaded Rings Zingy Prawn Cocktail Flavour Crisps that Spectre wrote about, I am trying the other new flavour we bought. Here we have Seabrook Loaded Puffs Nacho Cheese Flavour. They are made with maize, baked, and presented as a large cheese puff. This makes them a lower-calorie snack. I poured some out onto my lunch plate and gave one a try.

As these Loaded Puffs are quite big, I absolutely loved the texture, they are so crispy when you bite them and then sort of melt. I found that really moreish and wish there had been more in the bag! Each bit was crunchy, then soft, which was kind of fun to eat. The flavour is good too, the nacho cheese taste is quite strong and full of flavour. They do have that Nacho cheese taste, and it works well on this type of snack. Again, they hit the spot perfectly. We were looking for some lower-calorie crisps or snacks to have at lunch times, and these were just what we were after. I would definitely buy them again.

Seabrook Loaded Puffs Nacho Cheese Flavour

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