18 August 2023

Tymbark Cherry Drink (Morrisons) by @Cinabar

Tymbark Cherry Drink

I saw this fun-looking cherry drink as a newly listed item on the online supermarket, and it sounded like a nice new soft drink to cool us down on a hot day. Well, the weather didn’t come through, but we still gave it a try on a rather damp and wet day for August. I went to open it, and I have to say that I thought the lid was cool, it looks like a bottle top, but it has its own ring pull on the side. The drink didn’t fizz, and that was the first time I realised it was a still drink.

It is a very bright red in colour, which does look fun. The flavour is lovely, it is very fruity and nice and sweet. I liked the taste, and the cherry was strong and refreshing. There is a hint of apple too, which adds a little smoothness to the taste. It is easy to sip and goes too quickly due to the lack of bubbles, but it certainly was refreshing. The weather may not have provided the sunshine, but when it does, this would be the perfect soft drink for barbecues.

Tymbark Cherry Drink

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