1 August 2023

The Original Slush Puppie Fizzie Blue Raspberry (Asda) By @Cinabar

The Original Slush Puppie Fizzie Blue Raspberry

I loved Slush Puppies as a kid, especially the blue raspberry variety. I have lovely memories of going ice skating on a Saturday and then having a Slush Puppie and hot doughnuts at the ice rink cafe. This drink reminds me of my childhood, and I still look back fondly on the inevitable blue tongue.

This version of the drink is a fizzy soda pop, and it looks like it is the same shocking colour I remember. I poured it into the glass, and since I got older, I now look at brightly coloured drinks with suspicion; it is very blue. Kid me loved it, adult me is less keen. I gave it a sip. My word, this is a blast of sweetness. I should point out that it is a zero-sugar edition, so it isn’t the same recipe or flavour I was remembering. It is sweet first, then berry after, and it is nice and fun. I remember the original drink being super fruity, and this didn’t quite feel like that. Perhaps the taste changes when it is frozen, taste buds can be weird like that. It is a little bit too sweet for me and a little bit too blue (although I accept that is the original colour). It was kind of fun to reminisce, but perhaps the next time I’m out in a seaside town or a theme park, I’ll try the original frozen drink and compare notes.

The Original Slush Puppie Fizzie Blue Raspberry

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