25 January 2009

Maltesers Bunny [MaltEaster Milk Chocolate Filled Rabbit] (Waitrose)

It wasn’t too long ago I was telling you about Maltesers and Friends, and how the Maltesers chocolate egg was lacking enough of that magic malt filling. Then I stumbled across this, which is what I thought at the time of purchase was a giant Malteser!

The design of the product is very sweet, although prematurely Easter related!

As it happens the filling isn’t pure Maltesers, it is filled with a malted mousse and small bits of Maltesers to add crunch. The chocolate is thick and rich, and the centre is absolutely lovely, better than having a pure Maltesers filling. Gorgeous!


  1. Now these I have to hunt down...

    (much head biting will ensue!)

  2. No need to guess how you eat jelly babies NLi10!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! If you have not tried them already then hunt them down! They sell them in Morrisons and Boots.

  4. They are becoming more and more available now - they even had them in the small shop where I work. And they are lovely... mmmm

    NLi0 you need to go bunny hunting :-D

  5. Tasty but full of hydrogenated fats that have a proven link with clogging arteries and heart disease!

  6. nothing hydrogenated in there folks, I checked the label.

  7. Good to know - thanks for checking Anon :-)


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