15 April 2011

Aquarius Natural and Naranja (feat. Hello Kitty Loops) [Spain] [by @NLi10]

Hot countries mean that I end up drinking a lot more than in the UK. I'm rarely without a bottle of water or similar, but when you are pottering around in heat breaking the record for steps in one day on your pedometer, it pays to think ahead and get something with a bit of sugar in it. On my recent trip to Spain the drink of choice was Aquarius.

This is made by the Coca Cola people but is actually not fizzy and pretty refreshing. I'm sure there is a UK equivalent but I'm not sure I've found it yet. It's nowhere near as sweet as Powerade and doesn't taste like a 'diet' drink so it's more like the isotonics such as IsoEnergy (which is hard to get outside of sports shops) but with a milder taste. I was convinced that the above can was some kind of feint lemon flavour, but the man in the park referred to it as 'natural' so I guess that is its official name. Once I'd learned not to say aquarius and to say agwarius it became a lot easier to ask for in shops.

This is the Naranja (or Orange) version of the drink and the flavour is stronger, but the effect is still the same. It's a nice mild yet sweet drink which is perfect for stashing away in man-bags and hotel minibar fridges for moments when you just need to drink copious amounts of water. I'd be interested in finding the UK version of this, mainly because the Pepsi & Coke in Spain is a slightly different mix and it'd be interesting to see if they sweeten this to match the British tastes.

In one of the many supermarkets I went SnackDiving in we found these:

As budget airways charge you £31 per bag I decided not to go overboard on the snacks and this was just too large to justify so we didn't buy it. Just the box itself is intriguing enough - not only is it official Kitty, but it's official Kellog's AND Limited Edition. Collectors will go crazy for stuff like this in years to come. As for me, the last think I need at breakfast time is for everything to be pink and full of sugar. If anyone sees this in the UK please let us know and I'll get my Kitty-Worshipping sister a box and see what she thinks.
By NLi10


Anonymous said...

The taste of Hello Kitty's cereals is not fruity at all, just the standard taste of this kind of cereals! ;)

cinabar said...

But a cool pack none the less. I hear that NLi10 has managed to locate some though - which is good news :-)

Anonymous said...

I've heard of aquarius, but I'm yet to find it in stores:/

Was the Hello Kitty cereal only sold in europe?
What was the flavour for it? It looks like it should be strawberry.

NLi10 said...

The flavour was dissapointment. I should do a reviews I never wrote round-up again sometime with things like this where eating the box and the product would have been similar.

IT made the milk slightly pink. Otherwise it was junk cereal. :(