7 April 2011

The 1000th Post

Today is a special day. We have the bunting up, and the fairy lights, and the glitter ball, all because we are marking the 1000th post at Foodstuff Finds!!! Obviously we intend to spend the day partying, snacking (including those carrot muffins from Greggs) and popping party poppers at unsuspecting passersby!
On our happy day I wanted to take the opportunity to thank some people. First up has to be NLi10 and Spectre for all their support, fabulous blog posts and keeping it fun. There is so much work in the site what with daily updates and of course finding and trying everything. Thank you both so much for all your effort and contribution, you guys rock. ;-)
I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone behind the scenes. We have an amazing number of ‘alerts’ from family, friends, and readers all letting us know about things that should be featured. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate every bit of support, thank you all so much.
As the speeches are nearly done, and Spectre is about to pour out the champagne, let me just leave you with a toast “here’s to many more post at Foodstuff Finds, and may the future be filled with interesting snacks and food”. :-)


Marvo said...


Rodzilla said...


cinabar said...

Thanks both :-) Can't believe we now have more than 1000 posts!

NLi10 said...


Means a lot that you still accept my crazy midnight e-mails about biscuits.

Much love to all - ESPECIALLY the readers.

cinabar said...

Yes, big thanks to all the readers :-)