25 April 2011

Kelly’s Of Cornwall: Clotted Cream and Blackcurrants [Ice cream] (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

This fine ice cream caught my eye, as it is a bit of a strange concept. Everyone knows that you can easily buy strawberry or raspberry ripple ice cream, but blackcurrant is only found in the freezer cabinet in the form of sorbet. I just assumed that the sharpness of the fruit might make the milk curdle or something, in the same way you don’t get lemon ice cream?
These flavours were impossible as far as I was concerned up until last week when I saw this for sale! I was also rather excited as Kelly’s ice cream is something a bit special, their Clotted Cream variety is just ridiculously luxurious.
According to the title of the product the focus is very much on the clotted cream then the blackcurrants, and this is true of the flavour too. The blackcurrants are very much present, and do add a bite and plenty of natural flavour – but it isn’t as sharp as some blackcurrant products. The ice cream is not too sweet, and there is plenty of creamy taste, but I’d expect no less from Kelly’s! There are a decent amount of blackcurrant bits in the ice cream that add an extra bit of zing and break up the flavour nicely.
I thought that this was a really different treat, and totally enjoyed it. The strength of the blackcurrant is very much soothed by the cream, but it is still a lovely Summer treat. Spectre commented that he still preferred blackcurrant sorbet because it has a much stronger blackcurrant hit, but I felt it made a lovely refreshing change to the usual selection of ice creams.
By Cinabar


  1. did you honestly post this without saying "pair of tits"!?

  2. LOL!!! Spectre said they look liked a diseased pair - but I thought it was just him that thought this!

  3. agreed... i thought they were tits aswell...

    but you know i have a twisted mind!

  4. This stuff is really expensive, even with a staff discount I couldn't bring myself to buy it!

    I'll have to wait until it goes on promotion...

  5. It is pricey - but it seems to be a theme with posh ice creams. I like Ben and Jerry's too - but always wait for an offer.


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