12 April 2011

Cadbury Dairy Milk Krushems (KFC) [By @Cinabar]

It has really been too long since my last visit to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I enjoy an occasional KFC, but I’m not sure why our last visit was such awhile ago. After a trip to the supermarket, we decided to pop in and make up for the delay. I was pleased to see the Tower burger was still on the menu, one of my favourite meals. Another poster caught my eye too, one for a Dairy Milk Krushem, well I thought it would be rude not too give their new drink a try too.
I could tell from the poster that there was an awful lot of chocolate packed into this milkshake style drink, but even so I hadn’t been expecting the straw to be so wide. I was curious about the straw but when I took a sip it made perfect sense, the ‘drink’ really is packed with chocolate, to the extent that my tongue was covered in chocolate drops with every mouthful. There is so much more chocolate than I was expecting, and yet the flavour was mostly creamy with a chocolate hit when you munched on the drops afterwards. I guess the explanation for the flavour is that the Dairy Milk is chilled so doesn’t emit all of its taste until it warmed up in the mouth. The drink felt wrong, no drink should contain that much chocolate, but heck it felt right too. It was thick and rich and sweet and creamy, and had oodles of Dairy Milk goodness. As an addition to the Tower meal it felt naughty, but in a good way. I would appreciate it if nobody tells me just how many calories I consumed over the course of my dinner, but as I said, it has been awhile and it was a fab treat!
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

ive seen this advertised loads! nice to hear what its like, would you believe ive never been to kfc!

cinabar said...

I don't eat that much 'fast food' but KFC is one of my faves - got to loves the colonels secret recipe... mmm...