13 April 2011

Smint 2 in 1 Raspberry and Lemon (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

These new flavour Smints come in a bright pink box, which proudly supports a very good charity. For every pack bought they are donating 5p to Breast Cancer Care, which means we are off to a good start with the product before even trying the sweets.
Smints are ‘tooth friendly’ as they are sugar free, and are, according to that back of the box “breath freshening micro sweets”. I give them the micro sweets part as they are indeed small, but I always think that mint is the most efficient breath freshener. I like fruit flavours though, and thought these would be nice to take to work to keep in my desk drawer. The sweets are in the usual Smint box, which I think is quite cute, you press the top down to dispense the contents out of the bottom. The sweets are two tone, half yellow and half pink, representing the mixed flavour of raspberry and lemon and are the usual triangular shape.
The flavour is surprisingly strong, with a very zingy fruit taste. The first flavour is like an intense raspberry that is sweet but full of flavour. It has a strong berry taste with a slightly floral hint. This develops into a zest lemon, which is strong and sharp. Impressively they are remarkably refreshing, and although not mint, really do pep the taste buds.
They make a cool summer treat, and the charity aspect gives them a feel good factor too. A nice addition to the Smint’s range.
By Cinabar

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