10 April 2011

Spanish Milka Bars [M-Joy and Leo] [by @NLi10]

I've been on holiday to Spain and picked up a few local snacks to try out.

After trying the Oreos I thought I'd have a look at the local Milka efforts:

The first thing I did after getting off the plane was to buy vending machine lunch of this Milka M-Joy. Before I bought it I presumed it was hazelnuts, but on receiving the ice-cold bar it was almonds.

As it turns out this is really quite nice, and as I was fairly hungry it didn't last that long. I liked the mix of flavours as the nuts and slightly bland (sorry cinabar!) milky chocolate blended together and worked. As I like my chocolate weaponised and overpowering it wouldn't be my usual choice, but it was a great change to the Cadbury's whole nut equivalent we'd get in a UK machine.

Next up was LEO - which is blatantly Milka KitKat:

Again, this was from a vending machine (at the Alhambra in Granada no less) and was an impulse hunger based buy. There was a lot more wafer in there than I'd expected and this even went along the bottom of the bar too so the snap wasn't quite as definitive as the real feline-based wafer bar. I did enjoy this though as the wafer actually had flavour and was pretty crispy.

Spanish KitKat is very similar to the UK one but the chocolate itself seems a bit creamier and toned down. The packaging said something along these lines but my Spanish isn't great so I'm not sure whether it's a new feature to appeal to the Euro market or just clarifying that it won't scare off those not used to proper chocolate.

Overall I'd buy the M-Joy almond again, but probably revert to KitKat for the wafer snack (but LEO was a good 2nd choice).
by @NLi10

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