7 April 2011

Spanish Oreos [Banadas and Doble Crema] [by @NLi10]


Food Stuff Finds holidays are strange - not only do you spend as much time looking in the local supermarkets as the museums but you end up with holiday pictures that look like this:

While the majority of the euro snacks in Spain (Malaga, Granada, Seville to be precise) are very similar to in the UK there are some fantastic differences. Take Oreos for example.
First up is Oreo Banadas (with a wiggly over the n) which co-incidentally was the first review I saw on returning to the UK from Cinabar. You can read that here.

While I agree with the review - the chocolate outer does add a different dimension to the biscuit (in that it turns it into a stronger bourbon version of a Penguin) it also suffers from a fatal flaw. You see it hit 36 degrees while we were in Spain and I had some of these in my bag - while they are individually wrapped this did mean that all I had was Oreos coated in molten chocolate. They did look quite cool once they had set as they left an imprint in the chocolate that was now attached to the wrapper, but I think as a hot country variant this is a bit of a fail.

We also found Oreo Doble Crema (or double cream)

These are hopefully also hiding out in the UK somewhere if the other variant made it over.

I was both disappointed and happy with these at the same time. While the cream oozing out of the sides was a great novelty the first few times it just meant that there were less biscuits in the packet and the ratio tasted wrong too. If you love the cream then these are one to look out for, if you love the biscuit then it's worth one pack just for the novelty, but like me you probably won't go back.

Peanut butter Oreos are still my favourite variant, but these are interesting enough to warrant a hunt for if they are on general release.
By NLi10


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British Oreos are made the same factory in Spain alongside the ones you bought. The double stuff and chocolate covered ones are available in some UK ASDA's.

cinabar said...

Anon - yes, just managed to find the double stuff ones in Asda - me like