14 April 2011

Super Sours and Cinnamon Fireball Jawbreakers (Traditional Sweets) [By @cinabar]

It seems that I have turned bringing in weird tasting items into work into a bit of a theme. I have taken is Seabrook’s Jacket Potato crisps (which are oddly sweet), I’ve let everyone experience the odd flavours of Hersheys and in the past even given my colleagues Haggis crisps to try. It seems that I’m not the only one bringing in goodies for the team.

My boss brought in some cinnamon sweets to try, and I absolutely love cinnamon so was keen to taste them. Don’t get me wrong, I was suspicious, so let one of the lads try one first. He confirmed that it was fine, so I had one too. It did have a lovely sweet warm taste, spicy and pleasant – but it was then that I noticed that the person who had tried one first seemed to now be suffering, and lo and behold, my mouth set on fire. It was just as well nobody rang the office during this little experiment as I think none of us would have been in a fit state to speak on the phone! I like cinnamon, but this was hot! So hot it was uncomfortable and came with a burn. Cinnamon was never meant to be this hot. After suffering on bravely for a few minutes, the flavour subsided into a more easy going palatable taste, and then turned into a small chunk of bubblegum as a reward for getting that far!

A few days later another of the lads brought in this innocent looking bag of sweets from a traditional sweet shop that had opened up near him. He had gone in asked for the sourest sweets they had, the ones which are only available on ‘special request’ and if you know the magic handshake. I picked out a red one, and was told that out of the two flavours red was the strongest. Yippee. I have tried War Heads and Toxic Waste before, so thought I knew what to expect with crazy sour flavours but nothing had quite prepared me for these! I think this is well and truly the sourest sweet I’ve tried, and wow it was bad. When I put it in my mouth it screamed sour at my taste buds, and I just didn’t want it to move in my mouth in case that meant the flavour would increase in some way. Obviously a stationary sweet doesn’t dissolve very fast so I felt obliged to move it a little with my tongue but it sent a shudder each time. My eyes were watering and I had hoped that the taste would subside but it really wasn’t. I moved the sweet some more, noticed that my tongue and roof of my mouth now hurt and involuntarily waved my hand in a hope of washing away the taste. Eventually the sour flavour gave way, but it took far longer than expected. Underneath was an acceptable berry taste, that was slightly sweet but seemed like a god send as it tried to bring back my taste buds from the brink of death. I’m sorry dear readers I didn’t try a lemon sweet. I did judge the reaction of my colleagues who did, they seemed to suffer in a similar way, with similar amounts of eye watering and expletives – so I think you get the idea! My mouth was sore for quite some time after eating one – so I’m quite glad I didn’t venture out for a second sweet!
Thanks to everyone at work for trying all the crazy goodies that we do – I wonder what will be next? ;-)
By Cinabar

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