3 April 2011

Tropicana Orange Creations - Orange & Lime (Co-Op) [by @NLi10]

I love fresh juices - 'not from concentrate' is probably one of my most go-to phrases on any drink. I'm not a fan of the mass produced fruit things that claim to be worth the extra money, you might as well buy supermarket own brand.

Tropicana is an odd one. It's a popular brand and it's been around a while but it does use full juices. I’m happy to try out their products and their new Orange Creations struck me as sounding quite nice.

This one tastes like Mexico. I'd not really thought about it at the time, but the mix of lime with the more typical orange gives it a kind of edge like I'd just added lime to a stir-fry or taco mix. I like it, it's refreshing and smooth and I'd happily buy it again it just wasn't a particular mix that I was expecting to conjure up images of other foods. With food then it's great, but otherwise it just makes me pine for Las Iguanas and Chiquitos and I get hungry fast.
By NLi10

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