19 April 2011

McVities Temptations (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

I saw these new biscuits in Tesco, and thought they might be a nice lunch box treat, as they are packaged in pairs. They are a new range of luxury biscuits, for indulgence and proudly state they are made with Belgian chocolate.
The pack and even the name point you towards a lavish treat, which made me slightly disappointed when I opened the box. They are clearly designed to be eaten in pairs as there are two in each packet, but that doesn't consist of much of a portion. The biscuits are mini biscuits, and are more akin in size to a taster or sampler than an indulgence. They may be called Temptations but if you were feeling tempted into eating something naughty, I wonder if you’d stop at just one sachet?

Milk Chocolate and Praline
I am a big fan of praline, so was keen to try these biscuits. Despite the size I have to say the biscuits were very nice. They had a good rich chocolate flavour, a lovely crunchy biscuit base and loads of hazelnut taste too. I liked the mix of textures and felt that the praline shone through really well. Despite being small, the biscuits packed in a lot of taste and were really quite nice.

White Chocolate and Truffle
These too were nice biscuits, although the white chocolate coating was mild in flavour, the darker truffle flavour added a fair cocoa hit. Again I liked the mix of textures, and it was an enjoyable treat. I think I might be biased but the praline version had the edge for me as the flavours were more defined, and yes, I do like the nuttiness.

These new Temptations are nice biscuits, and if you are looking for portion control, you do sort of feel obliged to only eat two. Each biscuit had 50 calories, so the pair are just 100 which is a very acceptable treat. The greedy part of me on the other hand thinks that if I’m going to buy luxury biscuits, I would really like them to be full size and feel a bit more substantial.
By Cinabar

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