4 April 2011

Dipped Oreos [Milk and White Chocolate] (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

I have a bit of a soft spot for Oreos, and am always jealous of all the interesting flavours that come out in America and other countries. In the UK we are lucky to find regular Oreos and occasionally chocolate 'stuff' ones in British supermarkets. That is about our limit. In order to make things worse, the import stores only seem to stock, wait for it, regular Oreos and occasionally chocolate 'stuff' ones. I have never understood this, if I ran an import store I’d have Mint Oreos, Peanut Butter ones, Strawberry Oreos and the fab looking orange ones that come out at Halloween – I would specifically not stock the flavours you can buy from any big UK supermarket already, what would be the point in that?
Anyway, wondering around Asda with my Foodstuff Finds hat on (not literally) I spotted two new varieties of Oreo sitting on the shelf. There were both milk chocolate dipped Oreos and white chocolate dipped ones available, both of which went straight into the trolley - obviously!
Both packets of biscuits have six sachets inside, each sealed with two biscuits in it. This means that they are perfect for lunch boxes and stay fresh after you have opened the box. Not that Oreos ever last that long at Foodstuff Finds. ;-)

"Choc Milk" - Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreos
These Oreos had a glossy medium brown smooth coating of milk chocolate on them. When I bit in I realised that the chocolate coating was really quite thick, and made the biscuit lovely and chunky. The dark Oreo flavour was very much present, but the milk chocolate added to the indulgence, and really enhanced the biscuit. The chocolate was lovely, sweet and creamy, with a nice hit of cocoa. These biscuits were absolutely fab.

Choc White - White Chocolate Dipped Oreos
To be totally honest with you I have tried these before. Christmas 2009 these were a special edition, and I loved them so much I searched for them last Christmas and was really disappointed not to be able to find them.
The white chocolate coating is really quite pale in colour, but its sweet, creamy flavour is absolutely divine. As with the milk chocolate version, the coating is lovely and thick allowing it to really add flavour. I loved the contrast of the rich Oreo taste with this creamy flavour, and felt that it just worked really well. It wasn’t overly rich, but it was sweet, and my sweet tooth just loved them. Eating them was a complete pleasure.

In Summary, I adore Oreos. If you dip them in milk chocolate I like them even more, and if you dip them in white chocolate I think we may have found my biscuit heaven.
By Cinabar


NLi10 said...

Got a box of these in Spain - along with double cream Oreos.

review is in the pipeline...

cinabar said...

I just love Oreos - such a fab biscuit. ;-)