2 April 2011

Tyrrells’s - All Natural Beetroot Chips with Sea Salt (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

On running out of oddly flavoured beer to torture me with, Cinabar has passed me these Beetroot chips to try. I’ve known Cinabar for twelve years now after she jumped on me at the end of our first date. I’ve known for much of that time her disdain for beetroot. I happen to like beetroot, in small doses, with a nice fresh salad or on a sandwich, but beetroot crisps didn’t sound quite right to me. On opening the packet I was surprisingly taken back by the purpled redness of the hard folded misshapen crisps. The inside of the packet looked a bit like you’d expect a cross between The Chainsaw Massacre and a helping of Kellogg’s Cornflakes. The crisps themselves have the same sort of crunch as cornflakes, quickly melting in your mouth with a sweetness to start with followed by the earthy sour taste that beetroot has. There was a hint of salt whilst eating these crisps, but mainly the flavour of cooked beetroot overpowered any other flavour. After eating one third of the packet I noticed that my fingers had started to stain red. I battled on, but began to feel increasingly sick after every sweet / sour bite. You have to REALLY like beetroot if you want to try this healthier sounding option to potato crisps. Otherwise just the one bag could put you off beetroot for life! I was left with the problem of repeating beetroot on my taste buds, so if your partner hates beetroot, you are unlikely to steal a kiss once you’ve finished the packet.
By Spectre

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