18 April 2011

Yeo Valley Organic Ice cream (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Yeo Valley is a big brand in British yoghurt, and they have numerous flavours available, but this is the first time I’ve seen them in the ice cream cabinet at the supermarket. To be fair the vanilla is indeed an ice cream, but the tub of strawberry is a lower fat frozen yoghurt which I guess makes sense. I am a big fan of frozen yoghurt, as it has lots of flavour but a lot less fat, but the availability of it is always a bit low in the UK.
I pulled back the lid of the two pots and was surprised at the paleness of the colours of the contents. Vanilla is always quite light, but the strawberry was one very pale shade of pink. At least it wasn’t filled with colourings, and I guess frozen yoghurt is aimed at the adult market so doesn’t need the child pleasing colours.

Strawberry Frozen Creamy Yogurt
Not only is the colour natural, but the flavour is too. The strawberry is sweet, fresh and expresses the flavour of the berries perfectly. There is a wonderful creaminess mixed in, and Spectre commented that it reminded him of posh theatre ice cream. When I let some melt in my mouth fully it had quite a thin finish, but still managed to taste rather creamy. I think people would be hard pushed to spot that this is a lower fat product as it is luxury in taste, and rather like eating strawberries and cream.

Madagascan Vanilla
This ice cream really made me smile. So often I eat a product that is vanilla flavoured but it has one of two problems, firstly some use artificial vanilla and secondly some have no vanilla taste as vanilla is some company’s code for ‘plain’. Yeo Valley did not let me down in this way, their vanilla extract is organic and the flavour is good and strong. Strong vanilla is fabulous, it’s like caramel, cream and brown sugar with an aromatic hit – it is a taste that should not be underestimated and Yeo Valley understands that. If you are a lover of vanilla, this ice cream won’t fail to please you, it shows you how vanilla can shine as a flavour in its own right. The ice cream base is thicker than the strawberry and the creamy texture just shouts luxury. Truly a pleasing tub if ice cream.

I love these new Yeo Valley ice desserts, and I think they are going to be strong competition to the other brands on the shelf. With a bit of luck they will bring out some more of the lower fat frozen yogurts too as these have a full calorie taste without the full calorie hit. It is something that the UK market is really lacking, and there is an excellent opportunity for a brand like Yeo Valley to really take off.
By Cinabar

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