21 April 2011

Spanish Kinder Chocolate [Kinder Sorpresa and Délice] [by @NLi10]

When on holiday in a warm country the last thing on my mind is getting hold of some squishy, melty chocolate. When in a supermarket near the end of our stay I spotted that the Kinder Surprise were called Kinder Sorpresa - which I am guessing translates the same but in my head says 'Children Suppressor'. As this is essentially what the product is (10 mins peace and quiet for a Euro) I thought it'd be fun to get one and see if the toys are similar to the UK.

I remember in the good old days I visited Germany and as it was near Easter you could buy an egg-box with a dozen of these in for what seemed like really cheap compared to the UK where Kinder always seems at the high end of the impulse snack market. These days though as this confirms it's pretty much the same all over with international toys and pricing to go with it.

We got a fun flying top toy which amazingly didn't get lost in the hotel room and made it home. I had the chocolate for breakfast one day and it was simple & creamy the same as always. Nice, but always seems to catch the back of your throat for some reason. Anyway, it kept me occupied for a good while (until I found the Spanish commentary version of the wresting on the TV anyway).

Tacked on at the end here is another Spanish but German choc item. This is a Kinder product so I'd expected it to be quite durable, but it's essentially a really soft cake bar. I took the pics and put it in my bag and it got a bit destroyed by all the cameras and gadgets. It was still edible and actually quite nice and soft and moist, but it's not really one to take around town. I suggest that this is one to have at home with a cup of tea instead of a slice of homemade cake. As I say, very enjoyable but didn't travel well.

Also if they released it in the UK they'd have to change the name I guess. I didn't see any people with lice, but I suspect that a bar that essentially says 'children de-lice' may not be a marketing departments dream. Probably depends on the children in question.
By Nli10


Ana said...

de-lice? :))

I have never thought of it that way. I'm sure that what they meant to say is that it's "delicious"

Claudia said...

They do have those cake bar thing in the UK, if I'm thinking of the right thing. I've seen them in the chiller cabinets near the yogurt, in Tesco, Morrisons and Spar (I think)

cinabar said...

Ana- think you may be right ;-)

Claudia - will keep an eye out in Tesco for them - thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

They sell these in my asian store.