5 April 2011

Classic Cod Fish Finger Sandwich [Feasters] (By @Cinabar)

What a childhood classic. I honestly can’t remember the last time that I had a fish finger sandwich, but I know that I loved it and I think they call that nostalgia. I was really excited to see that Feasters have a microwavable Fish Finger Sandwich as it allows me to try this treat again, and it is something I can easily cook up at work too.
Inside the pack are three golden fish fingers, a Ciabatta bun and a sachet of ketchup. I have to say I thought that using Ciabatta bread made it really quite a posh version of fish finger sandwich, as it was always two slices of white bread when I was kid!
I put the sandwich on a plate and microwaved it as per instructions until it was good and hot, it was all ready in less than a minute. I added the heavy helping of tomato sauce, and tucked in. First thing first the bread really worked, it had the flavour and texture of a Ciabatta but was soft and easy to eat. The fish was lovely, flavoursome and succulent, and the fingers were big enough to give it a lovely meaty satisfying feel. My childhood taste buds did an “I told you so” and I don’t think anyone should underestimate the powers of a Fish Finger Sandwich. It was lovely and filling and made for a really nice lunch time treat, easy to cook up with only a work microwave to hand. Give it a try, there is a reason it is a childhood favourite food, the flavours and textures just work.
By Cinabar


  1. AHH ,these are lovely, only in tesco n asda thou, bit of a hassel if sainburys is hte only local option...no tartar sauce thou...red will do i guess.

  2. Tartar sauce is a good idea - but Spectre had his fish finger sandwich with brown sauce - that's just wrong :-D

  3. Wow this is so weird you should post this, I was just talking to my family the other day about how much a comfort food fish fingers are and how much I used to love a fish finger sandwich! I am so craving one right now, with lashings of ketchup!!

  4. yeah brown sauce and fish is a no, however have u tried the new HP guiness variety, i could just drink it! nice on the all day breakfast also by Feasters.

  5. Lot-O-Choc - they are the perfect comfort food, hope you got yourself one ;-)

    Oscar - I'm not a big HP fan but do have a bottle of the Guinness sauce edition - and you are right it is ace. Lovely with cheese on toast!

  6. I can't remember my last fish finger sandwich, which means it has been WAY too long! I'm concerned that the ciabatta is making it all a bit upmarket though. Might have to buy some fish fingers for supper tonight

  7. Ciabatta is a bit posh but it microwaves* really well which is the main thing!

    *less posh ;-)


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