1 April 2011

Fox’s Sweets [Limited Edition: Clearly A British Celebration] (WH Smiths) [By @cinabar]

Fox’s are a big brand of sweets in the UK, and have been promising more Limited Editions in their range. The Royal Wedding is one of the big upcoming events here in Britain, so I guess it makes sense to use the opportunity for some new flavours. I’m not sure how many other Royal Wedding items will be coming to the food isles, but whatever the excuse for a Limited Edition – I’m in. ;-)
The Royal Wedding is a national holiday here, and I’m sure that many other companies will come up with themed foods for everyone who is at home that day watching the Wedding. We at Foodstuff Finds will do our very best to report on all the Wedding goodies we can find and scoff in a patriotic manor – just for you.
Back to these sweets. I opened up the bag, and was a little disappointed that all the sweets were in the same wrapper. All of them looked very British in their fab Union Jack wrappers, but it wasn’t easy telling them apart. I had to resort to the light trick, of holding them to a bright light in order to attempt a guess at the flavour from the colour they glow. I managed to decipher the three colours, opened some wrappers and had a look. The sweets are supposed to be in the colours red, white and blue in honour of the flag. To be fair they were more pink, purple and cream, but it is hardly the end of the world. One thing I noticed was the ‘white/cream’ sweet was almost opaque. Fox’s sweets are usually transparent, so this was a bit of a novelty. There is even a joke on the bag about the sweets being ‘Clearly British’ which I thought referenced the fact that Fox’s sweets are always clear...

Onto the sweets themselves. Fox’s Sweets are hard boiled in style, and solid all the way through.

Red (or Dark Pink)
This was the raspberry flavoured sweet. It was lovely and juicy and syrupy. The flavour was very natural, and was strong enough to make your mouth water. It was a lovely Summery taste that was distinctively raspberry and very enjoyable. A big thumbs up.

White (or Cream)
This one was Cloudy Lemonade. It is an usual flavour for a sweet, but worked really well. I have to say it did remind me of the drink, with its zesty, sharp natural taste. It was lovely and refreshing and a favourite. Sweeter than just a lemon flavoured sweet, but still packing a nice tang.

Blue (or Purple)
Last up in the red, white and blue we have blueberry, which is at least blue in name. The sweet had a good strong flavour, but wasn’t as zingy as actual blueberry, so it tasted like a sweeter version of the real thing. It was still good and fruity, and that unique floral aftertaste was present and made for a lovely sweet. Apparently I like all the sweets in the bag!

I have to say that these sweets are all really good. The bag says that they are made with natural flavours and colourings, which probably accounts for the fact they don’t quite match the flag, but it is a minor point, and I prefer them that way, without artificial colours.
If you are looking for a bag of sweets to enjoy while watching the wedding, these will do their bit and give you a British themed treat, but they are lovely enough to buy for any time. A proper summer mix of flavours that are really enjoyable.
By Cinabar


krnries said...

I saw these on offer in Morrisons today

cinabar said...

They are lovely sweets, so I should pick some up if they are one offer. Seen any other wedding themed sweets yet? I'm looking forward to the Love Hearts coming out that are ALL printed with "Just Married"! ;-)

Unknown said...

Are these british celebration sweets available now? I would love to order some!