31 March 2011

Chinese Strawberry Sandwich Cookies [By @NLi10]

These are another one of the items I was gifted that I put off eating, and similar to the pineapple Jammie Dodger style biscuits are actually quite nice (but not as moreish).

I'd delayed opening them thinking that it was one big tray of cookies and I'd never make it through all of them. As it turns out these are perfect lunchbox fodder as they are individually packed and sealed.

The product itself is a little strange - it's mid way between cake and biscuit which if I remember my Home Ec (sorry - Food Technology) GCSE is shortening. Inside this is a little strawberry jam, but it's not that exciting. It's a nice little snack and fairly filling so I only required one at a time. They were pretty popular in the office too as initial scepticism fell away and everyone wanted to try one (or have one for later).

I think that my fear of odd oriental snack food is beginning to subside, which is usually followed by me eating some kind of sweet that actually contains shellfish or something else I don't like. As it stands though I'm doing quite well.
By NLi10


Lot-O-Choc said...

Ooh yum they look quite tasty! A nice little snack!

Anonymous said...

May I ask if there is any Pig gelatine in it? or just only jam??