2 March 2011

Say It with Celebrations Greetings Card (By @Cinabar)

There have been quite a few online greetings cards companies popping up at the minute, and I always felt they were a bit impersonal. Also their TV advertising theme tunes get irritatingly stuck in my head. Then I received this fab little “Thank you” which came from the Say It with Celebrations website. It came in a bright red envelope, that thankfully fitted through the letter box, perfect if you think the recipient might not be in at the time of delivery, as it saves them from having to collect it.

The obvious pleasure in receiving this though is that alongside the message are five Celebrations chocolates, which will always bring a smile! The packaging protected them perfectly, and all arrived in tip top condition. I’ve had a look at the website too, and it is neat and simple to use and accepts PayPal making it hassle free. Finally there is also an Iphone app which you can use to order too if you prefer that. I just wanted to give these a quick mention as the addition of the chocolate makes such a lovely combination with the online greetings card concept, and I was really pleased to receive my choccies! http://www.sayitwithcelebrations.co.uk

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