26 March 2011

Clipper – Nettle Tea [By@SpectreUK]

One lazy Sunday afternoon I was laid up with a stinking cough and cold, wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle. The weather was cold and dreary outside, and the only thing cheerful on the TV was Country File. It was an old repeat and the presenter was taking part in a stinging nettle eating competition somewhere deep in the countryside. I commented that you’d have to be mad to eat nettles and Cinabar’s Mom mentioned that there is Nettle Tea and Nettle Beer available in the shops. Cinabar’s ears perked up at this point and I just knew that I’d end up trying one or the other or both tea and beer at some point in the near future!

Clipper must be fairy confident that their customers will like this tea as they offer you your money back on the box if you don’t like it. At their instruction I infused a teabag in a mug for about five minutes. The tea is naturally caffeine free and Clipper states that it uses only the highest quality sources. That said, stinging nettles can be found anywhere, so it made me wonder if Clipper have a cultivated farm with fields of stinging nettles and pickers dressed up like Michelin Men for protection or if the nettles that are picked are only sourced from the bridle paths and alleyways in the richest of areas?

After infusing I noticed that this is a light green coloured tea with a strong herbal grassy smell to it. There was a slight apprehension that my mouth would get stung somehow from drinking this tea. The box states that the tea has “subtle grassy notes”. I can only guess that whoever wrote that review infused the tea for the minimum of two minutes. This tea really does taste like grass. The thick long grass you smelt on a walk through a field on a sunny summer’s day. The fresh green grass you picked up and threw at each other when your Dad mowed the lawn in your youth. The tasty looking grass you used to chew as a naïve child at play which grew between the cat pee and the dog turd! This tea tastes like GRASS! Not subtle, but strong. Strong enough for any person in the whole world (asides those in deserts) to say, “Yes, that tea tastes like GRASS!” Despite the taste, it was drinkable and wet. So where’s that form for my money back….?
By SpectreUK

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