28 March 2011

Kit Kat Pop Chocs (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

Kit Kat Pop Chocs maybe a new product for us in the UK but they have been readily available across the rest of Europe for quite some time. In fact they quite often appeared in pound shops and were also sometimes available in import shops too. I have actually written about them before, but I felt it was worth giving them another mention as they are now quite accessible, and even have TV advertising supporting their launch! Funnily enough since last Summer Kit Kat Pop Choc yogurts have been on the shelves in Britain, even though the chocolates weren’t available on their own! Perhaps Nestle were testing the water?
First thing is first; the bag opened easily revealing a re-sealable strip underneath. The reason I mention this is because back in June when I wrote about the import version, I had a bit of a fight to open the bag – the ‘tear here’ mark was actually above the part that sealed it closed. Thankfully the UK version didn’t have this problem.
The chocolate chunks are mostly in the form of smoothed cubes, with rather rounded edges. I found this a bit disappointing as the anal part of me actually really likes the geometric sharp edges on the regular KitKat bar. Notably there were a high percentage of double pieces in the bag, where two chunks had been made together and formed a rectangle. These pieces were particularly satisfying to munch and part of me wished for a bag just of these!
The flavour and texture of the Pop Chocs is much in keeping with that of a regular milk chocolate Kit Kat, nice and easy going. The chocolate is pleasant, milky and sweet and the wafer gives way nicely as you bite in. There isn’t much new in the way of flavours, but don’t be deceived by this, the contents are well and truly moreish.
These chocs are buying into the current popularity of share bags, and if you are going round a friends to watch a film, these will indeed go down a treat. Finger crossed the Lion Pop Chocs (mentioned in the European Kit Kat Pop Choc write up) also get a specific UK release.
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

Cinabar, if they still make these, you NEED to hunt them down (in France).
These are my favourite Kit Kat spin offs.

Anonymous said...

Horrible European looking artwork on the packet.

cinabar said...

Paulham - had quite a google - but couldn't find any sadly. Will ask my brother to take a look when he next goes over to France.

Anon - You're right, but strangely enough the actually European packaging looks much more British. At least this bag was easier to open than the foreign version!