5 March 2011

Tabasco Pizza (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

Recently moving to Cinabar’s house I was introduced to Pizza Night, which is usually held on Wednesdays. Cinabar knows I like my pizza meaty and with a good chilli heat. One or the other would suffice, but both meat and chilli is the perfect combination for a pizza in my book. On hearing about this Tabasco Pizza I just had to try it. On first glance at this pizza you can see the multicoloured diced peppers, the lashings of mozzarella cheese, and the slices of pepperoni, all floating on a chunky sea of tomato sauce in the centre of a thick crust.

Tucking in after we heated the pizza I could instantly tell I was going to enjoy every single mouthful of this pizza. The Tabasco sauce compliments the thick tomato sauce in the pizza perfectly. There is a good Tabasco heat with every bite, not overpowering or enough to burn a whole in the plate, just a fiery message to let you know you’re eating a pizza laced with Tabasco. And wow, is it a good message! The pepperoni really gives the pizza a good meaty taste to it with the mozzarella flattering every chilli meaty mouthful. The multicoloured diced peppers give the pizza an appreciated zing. I honestly don’t think I can praise this pizza enough. It’s easily one of my all time favourite pizzas and puts “The Hut” to shame. All I can do is look forward to the next Pizza Night… ;-D
By Spectre


Unknown said...

Can I submit a request for you to review the Pepperami pizzas please :) I fancy trying one of these Tobassco ones now. Nice one Spectre.

cinabar said...

Did you say Pepperami pizza??? Oh my - Spectre would love that - will most certainly be tracking that down for him! :-)

getvisible said...

I so have to give this one a go!!! Drooling :-)

cinabar said...

it is well worth checking out if you like your pizza spicy and meaty ;-)