18 March 2011

Montezuma – Spice It up (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

When I bought the Montezuma Bean Machine bar in Waitrose I couldn’t resist picking up this one which was next to it too. When I first saw the bar, and its name ‘Spice It Up’ my immediate assumption was that this would be a chilli bar, but to my pleasant surprise this is flavoured with ginger.
Taking a look at the bar I was a bit surprised to see the uneven spread of ginger chunks within it. I broke the chocolate into strips for taste testers, and was a little embarrassed to be handing out some strips with no ginger in it whatsoever. We had to do a bit of chocolate chunk swapping to ensure that everyone got to try some, but that really isn’t a good start to a taste test.
My first square was one of the ones consisting of just pure dark chocolate. The chocolate itself had a good, strong rich flavour. There was a slight bitter note, but it had a decent nutty aftertaste that showed off its quality. Notably though I am reviewing a bar called ‘Spice It Up’ and there was no ginger flavour. None. Not even a hint of the stuff picked up from proximity to the other pieces with ginger.
For my second piece I deliberately chose a piece with some visible ginger. The rich flavour of the chocolate worked really well with the tangy, sweet and spicy ginger. The ginger was soft, not chewy and added a lovely warmth to the flavours. This cube of chocolate was absolutely divine, and I desperately wished every piece was like this. The chocolate has all the ingredients to be a superb ginger bar – they just needed to give it an even mix.
Has anyone else tried this bar? Can you confirm if your bar had poorly, but albeit artily, distributed ginger?
By Cinabar


JonM said...

Hallo, I just bought a Montezuma "Spice It Up" bar yesterday, and ate 2 or 3 chunks... I like ginger, and given their description of "Dragon Ginger" I was amazed that I couldn't taste ANY ginger at all. Just an average chocolate bar. I've decided to take it back to the supermarket rather than search (!) for the alleged ginger in this bar. Very disappointed !

cinabar said...

What happened when you too it back? It really is lacking in the old ginger.