8 March 2011

Stephen Fry Up (Stephen Fry’s Full English Fry Up) [Crisps] (Walkers) [By @cinabar]

This is the final pack of crisps left for me to write about in the new series of Walkers Limited Editions. As with the other flavours these crisps are inspired and supported by comedians in order to raise money for Comic Relief. I really like Stephen Fry, am a fan of QI and I follow him on Twitter – so I had my fingers crossed for him!
I opened up the bag of crisps, inhaled and noted the pleasant smoky aroma. I tucked in and the crisp I tried was distinctively reminiscent of bacon, as I munched further on my crisp, an aftertaste developed which tasted of egg. The second crisp I tried was much heavier on the egg, but still had the strong smoky bacon flavour. Although the egg is very much there, these are still a massive improvement on the almost sulphur flavour I associated with Walkers Builder’s Breakfast that came out a couple of years back.
I quite happily finished the bag, as the meaty flavour from the bacon gave them a moreish edge. Unfortunately the egg part was strong enough not to make these my favourite. If you have been missing the previously mentioned Builder’s Breakfast crisps, I think you’ll find that these do the job nicely and that you really should stock up while you can. For me Jimmy Carr’s Chilli Con Carne are the winners in the range, with a lovely meaty, spicy and even a complex hint of vegetables in the mix – yummy stuff!
By Cinabar

The rest of the range:
Frank Roast Dinner (Frank Skinner’s Roast Chicken Dinner)
Steak & Al Pie (Al Murray’s Steak & Ale Pie)
Jimmy Con Carne (Jimmy Carr’s Chilli Con Carne)


CBA said...

Hello from Belgium !

I went to London two weeks ago, and thanks to your blog, I knew I had to try those new Walkers flavors (and some Aero Orange, but that's another story). I found three of them in a pound shop, and grabbed a multipack of Roast Dinners in Sainsbury's.

In the end, the Jimmy con Carne clearly wins. I'm not a fan of the real thing, but as a crisps flavour, it's great, and really different.

In contrast, those Stephen Fry Up are awful. I really had the impression of eating some unidentified meat fried with eggs in a greasy pan in some dubious pub's back kitchen. Not really the kind of stuff I'd associate with Stephen Fry. The pun mattered more than the flavour, I guess.

The Frank Roast Dinner crisps were OK. Although I admit I'm not familiar enough with the regular chicken flavour to notice a difference. And I still have four packs left...

And then there's the Steak and Al(e). I don't drink alcohol, so you can imagine I tried those with curiosity. Well it's certainly unique ! Contrary to your review, I didn't really notice the steak part, just the beer. It's not bad, but if I bought another packet, it would be for the novelty factor.

Still, I like the concept of special crisps for charity, the lame puns and the choice of unpretentious flavours. It's quite a contrast with what we have over here : the latest limited edition from Lays is Pesto & Mozzarella (yuck), only available in a gigantic 250 gram bag.

Rob Hall said...

Aww I'd been eyeing up the Stephen Fry ones in Asda, but I really can't stand eggs so I think I'll give them a miss. The Jimmy Carr ones sound like a must-try though :)

cinabar said...

CBA - Glad our blog gave you some guidance on the crisps, totally agree that the chilli are the best.
What do you make of the Aero Orange bar?
PS the pest crisp sound ace - not tried those before! ;-)

Rob - Let me know what you think of the chilli ones if you get the chance to try them.