19 March 2011

Riceworks: Salsa Mexicana and Sweet Chilli (Waitrose) [By @spectreuk]

On reading the title “Riceworks”, I at first couldn’t tell if the manufacturer of these rice snacks either had a factory solely producing rice snacks or they were trying to convince me that rice really does work for a snack food. Regular readers will know that I am always on the look out for new healthier snacks. The packet boasts that they are a third less fat, with no cholesterol, are gluten and wheat free, and they are made from natural whole grain brown rice with no preservatives. I have to admit my fat tummy felt smaller just reading the packet, but would the flavour and crunch match up to the usual Dorritos brand we dip in chilli con carne?

Salsa Mexicana flavour

After quite a struggle to open the tough packet and some funny looks from my colleagues, I was a bit disappointed at how many rice snacks were in the bag. However, how many rice snacks can you expect to see in a 35g bag? This aside, it was initially hard to stop putting these crunchy tasty snacks in my mouth to actually type up the review. They really are crunchy and big on Mexican Salsa taste from the first bite. There was a slight worrying moment in my mind during eating each snack that my mouth may go dry, but that passes as my mouth began to water with the mixed tomato, pepper, paprika, garlic, onion, and parsley (amongst other ingredients). These rice snacks easily match any Mexican flavoured crisps I’ve eaten in the past and they’re so good for you. Dorritos watch out…. They just need a bigger bag for sharing.

Sweet Chilli flavour

Instead of struggling to open this bag, I attacked it vigorously with my penknife. After the pleasant surprise from the Salsa Mexicana flavour, I was fully expecting the crunch. Although these rice snacks are supposed to be sweet chilli, there is a powerful garlic punch to start with that never leaves your palette during eating. I was glad I didn’t have any meetings in the afternoon, but I doubted I’d receive a kiss from Cinabar when returning home. However there was a sweet chilli taste in the background to these snacks, once I’d waded through the fields of garlic, but more like spicy tomato. I certainly didn’t dislike these snacks, but I do like a warning before I eat that much garlic. Perhaps calling them “Garlic Tomato” flavour would be better?

I enjoyed both of these rice snacks and was impressed by their healthy feel and crunchy big flavours. I am intrigued by the sound of their Sea Salt flavour and Sesame Soy flavour rice snacks and may hunt them down. So as far as I’m concerned, rice really does work!
By Spectre


Oscar said...

how many rice snacks were in there then?

cinabar said...

I have nudged Spectre and asked again for you, he really can't remember - sorry. He did say 'not very many' though.