27 March 2011

Apple Yogurt & Real Blueberry Pocky (Day-In Supermarket, Birmingham) [by @NLi10]

Apple Yogurt

Glico have a habit of choosing flavours that both intrigue and repulse at the same time. I don't think I've ever considered apple flavoured yogurt before, it's just not one of the fruits I associate with that kind of pudding. I'd be much happier having it in a pie or crumble.

These are the Japanese style Pocky with 4 individual packets in the main box which is side opening and suggests that you are supposed to take one out and put the rest back. I took these into work to share and the general opinion was that they are good. You can really taste the apple, and it actually feels like it contains dried fruit (like the Strawberry Deluxe version does). These are on the standard thickness sticks and the mix of flavours is good as you'd expect - although the apple really is dominant here.

I think that the yogurt is mostly there as apple doesn't really go with chocolate, and while it works I think a more English version with apple and custard would be much nicer. I don't think that the special varieties of Pocky would go down too well in our supermarkets though, and I don't think the chocolate stick market over here is large enough to start a range based on UK deserts like spotted dick and strawberry jelly.

As a one off curio these are nice, but one packet at a time is certainly enough. Although I'm not sure that counts towards your 5 fruit & veg a day.


I'm not a fan of artificial blueberry, but as this is Pocky AND promised that it had Real blueberries in it I thought it was worth the risk. Turns out that like the apple this tastes just like the real deal. It has the zing of the deluxe strawberry version and is similar in that the fruit is dried and still really tasty. We really don't get much fruit based 'bad for you' confectionary in the UK as it's all confined to healthy bars and muesli. This is a welcome break, and I guess as it's not chocolate it's not all that bad for you anyway.

I had two boxes of these and ate both before getting around to the review so Cinabar had to provide the picture, which is testament to their place in the Pocky hall of fame. Unfortunately Day-In Supermarket had sold out before I could get back for more so I had to console myself with the Korean version of Wagon Wheels (for another day).

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