20 March 2011

Coconut Pocky & Pocky Thin [by @NLi10]

These came in one of my review parcels from Cinabar and had been dutifully sitting and waiting for a reasonable excuse to be eaten. It turns out that the reason was to be 'have taken all the biscuits to work' and so I decided to crack these open and see what they were like. I'd expected both to just be fairly typical Pocky but with bits on and thinner.

Coconut Pocky is one of those deluxe arrangements where the stick is thicker and there are two packs of 8 inside. The coating is pretty large and quite satisfying. The coconut itself is desiccated and still full of flavour and you are eating it for a good hour or so afterwards as you discover bits in your teeth. The whole ensemble is a nice twist on the traditional Pocky as the chocolate is present but the three flavours are quite balanced. The closest western equivalent is a Bounty bar with the biscuit from a Twix inside - and I'd buy those if they existed! I'd happily pick these up again, but I have a feeling this may be my only box as I've not seen them in regular oriental grocers.

Pocky Thin is a very Japanese product. Styled and packed like Pocky Mens these have a similar thickness to the lovely apple cinnamon Pretz I got from Cyber Candy Birmingham once. The snap on these is incredibly satisfying so I have put the rest of the pack in the fridge to enhance this. They are certainly top range Pocky, and while the flavours are similar to the regular red box sticks the texture changes really make this worth trying out too.

The usual disclaimer applies that I'm a Pocky addict and your experience with these products will depend on how much you adore chocolate on a stick. As I have all 4 varieties of the UK branded Glico product Mikado in my desk draw at work expect a round up of those soon.
by NLi10

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cinabar said...

We've got some other great flavours of Pocky coming up on the site very soon too ;-)