23 March 2011

Rococo Chocolates: Quails Eggs (Waitrose) [By@Cinabar]

Looking through all the lovely Easter goodies on the shelves this year, these cute little Quails Eggs caught my eye. I love how Rococo have decorated them to look like the real thing, and neatly packaged them so they appear to be sitting on straw. When I read the back the back of the small box, and I spotted the word ‘praline’ I immediately added these to my basket!
When I got home, I decided these would make the perfect after work treat, and decided to open them up. Wow – the ribbon is annoying. It looks nice enough, but it is very firmly knotted, and the label forms a sticker over the back of it helping to seal it to the box. I was determined to open it without resorting to scissors, I managed it, but I really should have just given in and cut it as it was a bit of a struggle!
There are five eggs in the box, each had brown speckles on a light blue background, and each one seems to be differently decorated to the others. This is a nice touch as it makes them look a little more handmade and like a natural egg. The shell is made from sugar, and is quite thin when you bite in. It gives away easily, and reveals the wonderfully silk praline within it. The shell does add a slight sweetness, but it is mostly for the decoration rather than the taste. The flavours of the filling are rich, chocolaty and the hazelnut adds a lovely nuttiness. I admit I love praline, but these eggs don’t contain just any praline, it is of a particularly excellent quality. It is silky and flavoursome and turns something from a novelty into something special. If you are looking for a seasonal treat in ever such a sweet looking packaging, and you happen to like praline then these are a must!
By Cinabar

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