30 March 2011

Snack A Jacks: Crunchy Curls - Sweet Chilli Kick (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

These are rather different from regular Snack A Jacks, as they are expanding the range to include a new lighter product. The actual contents look surprisingly similar to the contents of a packet of Quavers, but the contents of this bag are a mix of tapioca, rice and corn. Spectre will be pleased though as these snacks aren’t drying, they do just feel light and crunch and have a very pleasant texture, and despite the ingredients the base flavour isn’t that dissimilar to mild potato.
The seasoning is very much the central flavour and it feels like it has a lovely mix of tomato and Worcestershire sauce. Although initially quite tangy, I was disappointed by the lack of heat from a snack with the word ‘chilli’ in the title. Having said that, the more I ate, the more a gentle warmth developed in my mouth. By the time I finished the pack, there was a gentle spicy flavour from the chilli, which provided a mild but noticeable heat, but not by any means would it be strong enough to be offensive. Personally I would have liked a bit more of a kick, but I do sometimes think snack manufacturers play the ultra safe card with chilli. Do they not think that people who buy something with a chilli flavour actually want a chilli taste?
The entire bag seemed quite substantial to eat, was tasty and moreish to munch during my afternoon at work. It really did make for a decent snack, even without a chilli burn. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole bag only contained 88 calories, which was far less than I would have guessed. Any snack that is healthier, but still has lots of taste and texture is a total bonus in my book!
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Glad you enjoyed them, they look yummy..ive seen them in spicy chutney flavour in sainsburys as well i think! yum!

cinabar said...

I will keep an eye out for the chutney ones - they sound like they could be rather good. ;-)

dck said...

I got a multpack this past Friday, the first bag left me a bit disappointed with the after-taste/texture but when I had a second bag the next day they suddenly seemed much nicer, find it hard to tell these apart from other corn based/potato based crisps, recommended.

cinabar said...

Yep - I think these make a tasty lunch time treat, without too many calories.