4 March 2011

Kit Kat [New] 70% Dark (Tesco) (By @cinabar)

I really liked the smart packaging on this Kit Kat, its matt brown wrapper making it look very grown up and classy. The high cocoa ratio in the bar does mean that they are aiming this at a more mature market, as I’m not sure children generally have the appreciation for such a strong flavour. There is also quite a bit of info on the back of the packet about its Fair Trade nature, and this label is also proudly displayed on the front.
On the shelf in Tesco these were sitting next to the ordinary ‘dark’ Kit Kats. I do hope this is an alternative to the dark and not a replacement, like I fear it might be. I will keep an eye on the supermarkets and see if the dark Kit Kat disappears, but fingers crossed it doesn’t.

I unwrapped the Kit Kat and was impressed by its dark colour and deep rich aroma. The taste was impressive too, strong dark chocolate with gentle sweetness and a pleasant crunch, the only negative part was slight bitterness at the end of each bite. The chocolate did somewhat over power the wafer flavour too, but the biscuit still delivered the distinctive Kit Kat crunch and made for a rich but enjoyable snack.
Despite sounding a little bit negative all round I actually enjoyed the Kit Kat, and sometimes you do just want a bit of a stronger chocolate fix which you can enjoy in a coffee break. It’s nice to have this as an addition to the range, and it makes a change for a UK Kit Kat offering not to contain caramel! :-D
By Cinabar


paulham said...

You and I orbit different planets.
This is lovely ( I know! Nestle!) BECAUSE it isn't BITTER at all.
Dark but rich and perfectly compliments the wafer.
You would be better of with a bar of Bland....err...Milka! ;)

cinabar said...

You have to admit there is a hint of bitterness to the chocolate - it's not strong like a Lindt bar, but it is there.

As for the Milka bland comment well, let me answer that like this:
:-0 :-p

dinsdale (aka boxoctosis) said...

Too much wafer, not enough chocolate. You could eat 3 of these and not feel satisfied. A poor snack.

Phil said...

I think these ARE replacing the Kitkat Fine Dark, I remember reading a Nestle press release. I look forward to trying one - regular Kitkats are too sweet for me now.

cinabar said...

Dinsdale - i quite liked them - perhaps you should buy two next time! ;-)

Phil - it is a shame that the dark is going - but if it was too sweet for you, you'll like this one. Let me know what you think of it when you try it.