11 March 2011

Fox’s Ambers Praline Biscuits (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Before I began I just need to point out a technicality on the praline front. All too often we associate praline with the soft, chocolate nutty paste filling found in Belgian chocolates, but that is actually Belgian Praliné. It is confusing because many companies refer to it just as praline. There is no Belgian Praliné in these biscuits, this is traditional praline, consisting of crushed caramelised nuts. Although the praline is the headline act, the biscuits also contains baked ‘golden honeycomb’ which is present in all of the new biscuits in Fox’s Amber range. I suspected that the ‘golden’ nature of the honeycomb and the name Amber were interrelated.
Opening up the pack the first thing I noticed was indeed the lovely warm colour of the baked biscuit and there was then no doubt as to why these biscuits are called Ambers. The chocolate coating on the biscuits looked rich and thick, and on an appearance front they were already winning me over.
Tucking in I found the biscuits to be wonderfully crunchy in texture, and after a couple of munches the biscuit cleverly melted away. The flavours too were of the finest quality, the sweet golden baked flavour of the base biscuit was nice and rich, but balanced by the milky chocolate coating and the after hit of nuttiness. These new biscuits from Fox’s are very much an indulgence and are clearly more than just a little bit special. It is a shame that they don’t come in a box as this would make them easier to give as a gift, and the quality of the biscuits themselves is altogether luxury and would be perfect for this.
This new range of biscuits also include Fox’s Ambers Milk Chocolate and Fox’s Ambers Caramel (but of course)!
Anyone else tried these yet? What did you think?
By Cinabar


paulham said...

I tried the caramel version, Cinabar.
They were a bit meh for me.

krnries said...

We have tried these as well a couple of others from the Ambers range. The only problem with them is that they are far too moreish!

Phil said...

I've tried both the caramel and praline and found them too sweet. Fox's Chunkies fruit & nut, and caramel, are far nicer and usually on offer for £1.

cinabar said...

Paulham - will try the caramel ones - but the praline are lovely.

krnries - biscuits never last long here either! ;-)

phil - i also like the Chunkies, but I thought these ones had a nice golden flavour.