13 March 2011

Tymbark - Pomegranate & Cactus (Asda) [by @NLi10]

Two separate juices. One sleepy cat that refused to move out of the sunbeam for the photo shoot. Introducing Duchess - Review Cat the 2nd. She's not really interested in human food like our old cat Symba was (he was the one eating the Pieminister with me) so can only help in a photographic capacity. She likes the little pretend mice you can buy.

I like the Polish drinks in the 'world foods' aisle at Asda, I drink a lot of a green one that has kiwi in it. It's great and you can't really get anything that tastes similar in the typical English range. As they hadn't got that this week I decided to branch out.

First up was the Pomegranate. As this is a mixed juice from concentrate I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but it was a nicely refreshing drink. There are certainly a good few flavours in there, and the acid tang of euro vitamin drinks is hiding in the back too. I'd happily drink this when out and about, but I think there are better options.

Spectre may not like to read this next one as some cacti may have been harmed in the production of this product.

The Cactus I was expecting to be like the Aloe style drinks which are made from succulents and have little bits of pulp floating in them. This appears to be just cactus juice, but flavour wise it's mostly overpowered by the limes. I do like limes, but was hoping for a smoother and less acidy drink. Maybe they think people want cactus juice to taste spiky? I finished it off easily enough, but again I'm not rushing out for more.

I think that these are interesting variations on what you typically get in the Tropicana & stores own juices in the UK and were fairly priced for their size. If you've not tried the eastern European drinks yet then you are in for a whole new style of flavour, but I think I'm less of a sweet juice guy these days.
by NLi10


paulham said...

I adore the cactus juice! My son too.
Asda seem to be my only supplier.

cinabar said...

Spectre refuses on principal to try the stuff... he has two cacti on his desk, that he loves dearly. He reckons eating cacti is a little like eating a pet :-D