18 March 2011

Red Nose Day Cakes

If there are people dressed up strangely or oddly today wearing bright red noses, that would be because today is Comic Relief. If you get the chance, and enjoy watching the evening of related TV on the BBC, do try and do something to help the cause. We at Foodstuff Finds have bought a round of Red Nose Day cakes, which Tim from my mum’s work very kindly made for the charity. They are beautifully iced, each supporting its very own cherry red nose and face. The sponge is a sweet and fluffy vanilla, and the cake is as every bit yummy as it looks! It’s tough, but someone’s got to eat these cakes for charity, if it comes to cake eating – you can rely on us!
Thanks Tim :-)
For more Comic Relief edible goodies see here:
ComicRelief 2011

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