16 March 2011

Warheads – Sour Chewy Cubes (amazon.co.uk) [By @SpectreUK]

Any sweet called Warheads in my mind should be shaped like some sort of rocket or tank shell. These are shaped like cubes covered in sugar. It sports on the front of the packet that these are a new bigger size. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean double the pain. The last sour sweets I taste tested (Sweet Cred Red Hot Toxic) actually caused a sore in the top of my mouth. Like the Sweet Cred these sours come in different flavours, but unlike the Sweet Cred these sours are supposed to be chewy. Ripping open the packet with some trepidation, I picked out the first colour. The sweets are just less than a centimetre cubed and have a good squidge when you squeeze one between your fingers.

Green Apple

There is a definite apple flavouring taste to these sweets that is not unpleasant, but this flavour is definitely no face twister in the sour department.

Blue Raspberry

The raspberry flavouring tastes a bit more like blueberry, but still has a good taste to it. Like the apple there’s nothing unpleasant about this sweet, but I was left wondering where the sour was hiding.


The strawberry flavour is a bright red colour. These are my favourite flavour so far. Although not very sour at all, they have a good strawberry taste to them and made me want to eat more and more.


Light pink in colour, this is the first watermelon flavoured sweet I’ve tasted in a long while that I didn’t like. There was a hint of watermelon there, but also an almost plastic and slightly medicinal taste that made them the most unpleasant flavour so far.


Not that you can have much of a taste test with just the one cube, this was a very pleasant orange sweet, but again no sourness.

Black Cherry

Purple in colour these sweets definitely have a black cherry taste to them. Regular readers will know my distaste for cherry flavoured sweets, but these black cherry ones were actually quite good. They are strong in flavour and there was even some sourness that popped up on first bite. My face never twisted, but I can at least rejoice that my sour taste buds are coming back to life after being murdered by the Sweet Cred.
By Spectre

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