2 March 2011

Brackenfell Rare Breeds - Pickled Quail Eggs (Westmoreland Service Station) [By @SpectreUK]

The first thing that struck my mind on picking this jar up in the farm shop was; “How posh does Pickled Quail Eggs sound!?” You’d have to have visitors around your house to offer out nibbles. “Pickled Quail Egg anyone?” They hardly sound like the regular pickled eggs you can buy down the local chip shop. The second thing that I noticed was the name of the company: Brackenfell “Rare Breeds”, if quails are so rare, wouldn’t these eggs be better off growing up to be quails rather than a posh alternative to chicken’s pickled eggs?
Anyway, these little white bite sized eggs have a mild egg flavour with a slight spice from the vinegar. Pickled Quail Eggs are firm yet delicate and were a good alternative. Having said that, I’m a simple soul (be quiet Cinabar!) and wouldn’t hunt hell and earth for another jar, chip shop pickled eggs are still the pickled eggs of the Gods. And besides, quails eggs are small and you’d have to eat loads to fill yourself up!
By Spectre

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