19 December 2012

Black Scottish Stout [By @spectreUK]

Brewed in the Belhaven Brewery, Dunbar, in Scotland, which was established in 1719, this Black Scottish Stout was served in a 500ml bottle and was 4.2% in volume. With almost three centuries of experience the brewery uses pure Scottish water and Scottish triple malts sourced from locally grown barley to brew this stout. It was described as a “smooth, deep, distinctive stout, with a rich roast flavour with hints of chocolate.” On opening the bottle there was a strong aroma of pale malt and a discerning whiff of chocolate malt. My first sip of this stout caused me immediately to exclaim; “Ooh, golly, wow... gosh!” This stout tasted that good! Pale and crystal malts shone through in the initial smooth taste followed by a shear almost angry bitterness and then a succulent chocolate malt aftertaste. I could taste the three hundred years of brewing experience in this dark hearty meaty stout mixed with the feistiness of our friends in the cold hard north. This stout would be perfect for a dark stormy winter’s night with its warming filling qualities and would make a superb after dinner treat or a must have nightcap. This was an excellent stout that should be bought by the cartload, savoured with every sip, and drunk again and again.
By Spectre

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Sandy's witterings said...

mmmm -- never seen this in bottles yet but back in May we found in on draught in the White Hart in Edinburgh. Been back for more on several occasions.