15 April 2021

Basil & Pine Nut Ravioli (Morrisons UK) @NLi10

 Quick dinners are great.  Italian quick dinners are even greater!  Spotted this on my first actual supermarket visit in AGES and couldn't resist.

Box opened and then cardboard put back on so it's less shiny!

This is the classic filled pasta treat.  And as they are gradually getting more luxurious I'm buying even more.

And look - they sold me fresh bread to go alongside it.  Yum!

Boil lightly for 4 mins - done!  Enjoy the pesto and basil scents.

And look at this for a sophisticated (yet light) dinner.  I'd have had a little more chunky pine nuts in the ravioli purely for texture, but this was amazing and good enough to get me to go back to Morrisons.

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zeddy said...

Have you tried the black truffle oil drizzled on your pasta yet? ;-)