4 April 2021

Lindt Easter Eggs - A Study In Size (@NLi10)

 My partner and I both got Lindt Easter Eggs off her parents.  I didn't really note the differences at the time as I got Blue for Boy and She got Red for Girl.

I didn't however notice the size & price differences.

So - these are different price point eggs - one is bigger than the other,

And while hers has lovely little chocolate eggs - we have the actual truffles!

On the Official Lindt Easter Site everything is already reduced and almost sold out - but the Blue egg was originally £10 and I guess based on what was left the Red one was more than £5 but less than mine (It's £8 at Morrisons but I couldn't see the other one).

This is also evident in the size of the egg - the extra few grams really increases the impressiveness of the egg.

Lovely little truffles!

So nice on a warm day like Easter Sunday is!!

So - sure I think the Blue one was more expensive but not by much - and I'd happily pay the extra tax to get a few more treats and the larger egg.  I am very likely to share this one with my partner and live to tell the tale.

Happy Easter All!

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