19 April 2021

Monster Munch Giants - Roast Beef (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Monster Munch Giants - Roast Beef

Gosh I used to love Monster Munch Roast Beef, I think sometimes I just forget to buy them. I associate them with childhood, I just needed an excuse to rediscover them and here we have it Monster Munch Giants! I spotted these in Tesco and popped the bag in my basket.

The packet has a ridiculously large Monster Munch designed on the front and as much as I have my hopes up about the size but there was a tiny note saying not actual size. I poured some out of the bag and onto the plate and they looked a little bit bigger than the ones I remember from childhood. I think they are may one and half times bigger, double maybe at the tops? These are a few centimetre across, they are larger but not my definition of ‘giant’. Still taste-wise they are good, the classic roast beef flavour, the crumbly crunchy texture, gosh I need to get myself a multipack of regular Monster Munch, I’ve missed these. I want Flamin Hot too just to reminisce. These may not be as giant as I had hoped but I certainly enjoyed the bag of Monster Munch Giants Roast Beef anyway.

By the way those that like the pickled onion are weird, but there is also a Monster Munch Giant Pickled Onion, if you think you can handle it.

Monster Munch Giants - Roast Beef

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zeddy said...

I had the pickled onion version and couldn't see the size difference.
Still the best flavour of crisps though.
Have you tried Iceland's Space Raiders frozen potato shapes yet?
I wouldn't bother. Not at all like the crisps. :-(
If you can find these anywhere (Asda stock them):https://www.amazon.co.uk/Golden-Cross-Pickled-Onion-12x150g/dp/B07TF9KYHM
Give them a go if you like pickled onion.
Not too many though as I guarantee they will burn the skin off the inside of your cheeks! Seriously!