7 April 2021

Walkers Flamin’ Hot flavour Crisps (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Walkers Flamin’ Hot flavour Crisps

One thing I've found in some snacks and definitely some hot sauces is that they pack in so many super hot chillis that they just burn my mouth, and aren't very tasty with it. There needs to be a balance in my opinion. I do like a bit of chilli heat to my snacks on the odd occasion. These Walkers Flamin' Hot flavour potato crisps promise just that. It states on the back of the packet that they have "a tasty chilli kick." So I'm hoping for a sizzle of heat with a good chilli flavour with it. 

Walkers Flamin’ Hot flavour Crisps

On opening the packet there was a potato and chilli aroma from the bright red crisps inside. I was slightly apprehensive at this point. Although I have had plenty of Walkers Monster Munch Flamin' Hot, and they are bright red and I do like them. After a while the chilli burn builds from eating more and more Monster Munch. So I realised that these potato crisps are probably the same flavour...?

On taste there was a strong chilli sweetness that I haven't experienced so much with the Monster Munch variety. There followed a smokiness that also seems different to the regular Walkers Monster Munch Flamin' Hot. After this smokiness there comes the chilli burn. The same as with the Walkers Monster Munch Flamin' Hot this chilli heat builds during devouring the contents of the packet. That was their only similarity as far as I could tell. Both are excellent flavours of different varieties of Walkers crisps with the same name of flavour. Both of which I'd happily eat anytime.

Information on the packet;
The 25g packet has 128 calories, with 7.3G of fat, 0.6g of sugar, and 0.32g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Walkers Flamin’ Hot flavour Crisps

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