13 April 2021

Popcorn Kitchen White Chocolate and Raspberry (Selfridges) By @Cinabar

Popcorn Kitchen White Chocolate and Raspberry

This purchase was an impulse buy, impressively one that happened online. I was actually using Selfridges online treating myself to a couple of make-up items and thought I’d have a look at snacks as I used to enjoy looking around their Food Hall. A few clicks later and I found this bottle of Popcorn Kitchen White Chocolate and Raspberry popcorn and something about the novelty bottle meant I added it to my basket. Then I forgot and couldn’t work out why when the parcel arrived that two lipsticks could possible need a box that size, I have since banned myself from ordering items after 10pm while sleepy.

Anyway arrived it did and it looks very smart and gift worthy in the bottle, although this is all for snacking on in front of Netflix. The popcorn pieces are quite large and the texture is decent as they are crispy on the outside with a nice soft middle. There were also no un-popped kernels in the pack which is good as that is always a bugbear of mine. The flavour was excellent, every piece had plenty of creamy white chocolate taste and also zingy berry, like they had been dipped in raspberry jam. This may have been a bit of an impulsive buy but I’m very pleased I did pick it as it is a brand I’ll be looking out for in the future. Ideally maybe even having a physical look around actual Selfridges Food Hall not the shops are re-opening.

Popcorn Kitchen White Chocolate and Raspberry

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