30 April 2021

Cadbury Darkmilk Dessert (Asda) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Darkmilk Dessert

Cadbury Darkmilk chocolate is half way between milk chocolate and dark chocolate for people who really can’t make their mind up,. I like both varieties dark and milk (and white too) anyway so this chocolate works for me as well. It has been popular for Cadbury and now they are branching out into desserts with it. I bought these online and that means they had a tiny picture to see when I added them to the basket so I didn’t notice the full description. I thought I was buying a two pack of chocolate mousse, even when I put them in the fridge I was thinking the same thing, mousse. I even still thought they were chocolate mousse up until I started eating them when I found the dried sponge layer in the middle (I think Cadbury may have a better name for it) and realised my error. The mousse section is lovely, the cream on top works well the uninvited dried sponge (apparently it is a chocolate chip cookie?) seems out of place. I like texture generally so not sure why I’ve never been excited about that part but I’ve fallen for it before. In my defence the picture on the pack isn’t that clear that there are layers it looks like it is all mousse?

Oh well, these were nearly spot on but I’m pleased I only had a twin pack, as much as I normally like different textures when eating these would have benefitted from being smooth all the way, with just the cream on top.

Cadbury Darkmilk Dessert


Claire said...

I was surprised not to see a darkmilk easter egg this year though.

cinabar said...

That is true Claire, to be honest Easter Eggs seem to sell out fast this year!