26 April 2021

Muller Light - Millionaire Shortbread (Asda) By @cinabar

Muller Light - Millionaire Shortbread

These were a replacement item from my online order at Asda for a different type of Muller yoghurts that I had ordered. We have had a few decent hits with random replacement items, and even managed to try some new things I wouldn’t have bought so I was quite pleased when these arrived. Normally these multipacks of Muller Light have two flavours in the pack but this particular set is all one variety, Muller Light Millionaire Shortbread, they must be be pretty confident everyone will like them.

Muller Light - Millionaire Shortbread


I had the first one with my lunch as a bit of sweet treat without the guilt. It was a really good sweet treat too, the flavour was creamy sweet with lots of biscuit and rich caramel tones. There wasn’t too much chocolate but there was some real bits in the yoghurt which added a nice texture. I was impressed, they did have all the elements of the Millionaire Shortbread taste with a heavy hit of caramel and I really liked them. This was a lovely finish to my lunch and I’m looking forward to the rest of the multipack of these Muller Light Millionaire Shortbread yoghurts.

Muller Light - Millionaire Shortbread

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Casey B said...

Thanks for the review - as a Millionaire's Shortbread lover, I was very curious about these. Are they an ASDA exclusive?