22 April 2021

Emily Fruit Crisps - Crunchy Red Apple (@NLi10)

 In my childhood we were often told we could have absolutely any snack food we wanted - as long as the health food shop sold it!  This led to lots of wonderful things (like Kettle Chips) and horrific things (Carob).  In the middle were things that were probably not as healthy as they should be, but still were nice enough we had them more than once.  Apple crisps were one of these.

I remember the bags being really small and the chunks inside almost being like dust - but we've come on a long way since that.

Large enough to be a 1 of your 5 a day portion, and with pretty much the least ingredients possible (apple & oil) these have to be reasonably nutritious.

And they are recognisable too - not spongy like 'dried fruit' but crispy - like crisps!  I'm not sure these would satisfy the modern child (we used to always have the green ones too but I didn't see those this time) but this modern version certainly taste and feel a lot more like apples.  Good to keep work snack cravings at bay.

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