17 April 2021

Broadway Boss Pils Lager (London Fields Brewery) By @SpectreUK

roadway Boss Pils Lager (London Fields Brewery)

Today feels a little like a tentative celebration. We're slowly easing out of another lockdown so shops and bars are opening. I'm going to get my haircut next week. The gym has reopened and I've decided to go back on the 1st of May. I haven't been there for over a year. I'll mainly use the exercise bike and treadmill to help strengthen my knee, and you would not believe how much I've missed the sauna and spa area. It will be good to catch up with people too, I'm hoping they are all still safe and well.

This Broadway Boss from the London Fields Brewery seems like a good Pils lager to celebrate with. At 4.6% in volume it should help to blow out some of the cobwebs and will probably go well with my steak and chips at dinner time. It mentions "a clean finish and lemony zing" on the can, but asides the jazzed up lady who is obviously out on the town on the front of the can, there isn't much more information than that.

On opening the can there was a quick fizz and a mixture of pils and citrus hops in the aroma. This bright shining golden lager has quite a few bubbles running through it. Been as though I get moaned at quite often for the amount of wind that escapes me, I'm guessing this lively lager is going to produce some interesting belches in the not too distant future.

On taste this Broadway Boss screams Pilsner at you. If you like a Pils lager this is for you. There is Pils right the way from the get go into the aftertaste. There is a good crisp fresh bitterness from the citrus hops mid flavour and then back full force to the Pils. I do like this lager, although it's a bit too bubbly, it's certainly flavoursome and did go rather well with my steak and chips. So cheers to the easing of lockdown, let's hope that was the last one we'll need! Stay safe ;-)

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